They called us Savages

Written by Marie-Josée Tardif & Dominique Rankin


A powerful and inspiring life story in an era marked by conflict, natural disasters, denunciation of sexual abuse, and the fight against racism...


T8aminik (Dominique) Rankin is one of the last Native American hereditary chiefs. Born in the forests of northwestern Quebec, his training as a young medecine man began at the age of seven, culminating fifty years later with his induction into the Circle of Elders.


Survivor of the terrible era of "residential schools of the little savages," T8aminik delivers a vibrant testimony about life, respect, forgiveness and healing.


The book is available in French under the title On nous appelait les Sauvages, in Quebec and French-speaking European countries (Éditions Le Jour, 2011).


It will be published in English in the fall of 2020 with Vidacom, under the title They called us Savages.


It is also available in Italian under the title La profezia dei 7 fuochi, Editions Amrita, 2017.

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